Conductor Heads / Leader Heads in Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc and Galvalume Plus

Conductor heads or Leader heads are items attached to the very top of downspouts (leaders), hence the name leader head. Used for both aesthetics and functionality, helping hold excess water from a gutter, scupper or valley on a roof, for example.

K&M Sheet Metal can make and match just about any conductor head also known as leader head or gutter collector box in any metal. Although the most popular are copper conductor heads, our standard available metals also include Zinc, Aluminum, Galvalume and Kynar Coated Steel. We also offer custom leader heads in Stainless Steel, Lead Coated Copper and Freedom Gray. Along with offering historic reproductions we also have a large selection of conductor heads for you to choose from to fit your projects needs and budget. All of our Conductor Heads are handmade here in the USA by our skilled craftsmen. If you don’t see something you like, have a conductor head design you saw somewhere or if you have an old one you need replicated, please contact us. We can most likely replicate the design and usually give you a far better price than that of any of our competitors.

Our Conductor heads enhance the beauty and architectural style of a building. They are traditionally installed under the soffit to let air into the line which then prevents excess noise (gurgling) and helps stop vacuum lock. They are also used for through wall scuppers, roof drains and under valleys where there is a large amount of water that could overshoot or backup standard gutters.

We can also customize leader heads for corners and odd angles / applications. All Conductor heads may also be available in other materials for custom orders. Please contact us for more information.