Cornice edge metal miter - galvalume

Custom Galvalume Cornice Miter

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Custom copper cornice with columns

Custom Copper Cornice

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Copper cornice with dentil details

Custom Cornice with Dentil Details

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Simple copper cornice

Simple Custom Copper Cornice

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Architectural Metal Cornice Work in Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Zinc, Freedom Gray & Lead Coated Copper

K&M Sheet Metal can help you design, replicate or simply custom manufacture a cornice design of your choice. Everything is CAD drawn and laser cut to perfection.

Our specialized crew can work with radius corner pieces, as well as dentil portions.

Cornice metals made from stock that can be soldered such as copper, lcc, freedom gray is an optimal choice. This allows for seams that can be filed soldered, although that can be very challenging. An easier alternative is to use other materials such as galvalume, kynar aluminum and steel which are more cost effective and easier to install with rivets or zip screws. For such materials, the optional dentil portion would also have to be attached this way.

We can pre manufacture miters as well and even put them together if needed.

A little more about cornice

In the architectural metal and roofing world, cornice is referred to a decorative molding that crowns a building.

A protruding cornice on a building may be used for decoration purposes only, to throw rainwater away form a building structure, or also to act a gutter, if built that way.

K&M’s Cornice Edge Metal system is made to order from customer’s specifications.
For a quote, please fill out this form and send us specs / drawings with dimensions, photos, material and any other information we may need to price.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are any pre made profiles available?

All profiles are custom made to order.

What is the best material for cornices?

That depends on what is needed. Anything roofing is usually better when it can be soldered. Material such as copper would be optimal for that. Since cost may get in the way, Kynar finished materials offer a great long lasting finish. These need to be put together with rivets / screws and sealed.

Can I get custom profiles?

Yes. Please send us specs for a price quote.

Are standard profiles available?

Not at the moment. All profiles offered are custom made to order.

How is the dentil portion attached?

Sometimes soldered, or riveted. Usually, riveting or screwing is much faster and is normally a good idea to have these parts not completely sealed anyway not to trap any moisture.

Can cornice edge metal be installed on a house?

Certainly! Although mostly used on commercial building, cornice can be installed on a house.

No matter what your choice is, K&M Roofing Supply has the best choices for purchasing edge metal and roofing supply materials with shipping to all US States. We also offer local pickups for customers in the Raleigh Durham Area in North Carolina as well as discount for bulk orders / Contractors.

Submittals & Downloads

Custom product. No downloads available.

Color and Material Options
0.027" Aluminum Cornice Flashing Metal Color Options
Black 0.027


Dark bronze 0.027

Dark Bronze

Musket Brown 0.027

Musket Brown

Royal brown 0.027

Royal Brown

Almond 0.027


Linen 0.027


30° white 0.027

Low Gloss White (30°)

80° white 0.027

High Gloss White (80°)

Pac Clad Standard 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Cornice Flashing Metal Color Options
Black kynar aluminum

Black Aluminum

Matte black kynar steel

Matte Black Steel

Black kynar aluminum and galvanized steel

Charcoal Aluminum Steel

Dark bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Dark Bronze Aluminum Steel

Medium bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Medium Bronze Aluminum Steel

Copper penny aluminum and galvanized steel

Copper Penny Aluminum Steel

Almond aluminum and galvanized steel

Almond Aluminum Steel

Bone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Bone White Aluminum Steel

Atas Standard 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvalume Steel Cornice Flashing Metal Color Options
Kynar Black aluminum and steel

Black Aluminum Steel

Kynar Charcoal Grey aluminum and steel

Charcoal Grey Aluminum Steel

Kynar Classic Bronze aluminum and steel

Classic Bronze Aluminum Steel

Kynar Medium Bronze aluminum and steel

Medium Bronze Aluminum Steel

Kynar Coppertone Bronze aluminum and steel

Coppertone Aluminum Steel

Kynar Matte Almond aluminum and steel

Almond Aluminum Steel

Kynar Bone White aluminum and steel

Bone White Aluminum Steel

Common Material Options for Cornice Metal


Pre Patina Copper

Pre Patina Copper

Freedom gray

Freedom Gray®

Galvalume Plus

Galvalume Plus

Lead coated copper

Lead Coated Copper

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request. Colors displayed for reference only.
Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered.