Downspout Cleanouts – Round, Square, Plain and Corrugated in Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc and Galvalume Plus

Downspout Cleanouts are parts manufactured to fit downspouts with the objective of providing an easy way to clean them. Our downspout leaf cleanouts work exactly this way, making it easy to keep your gutter pipes clean and unclogged, remove debris and leaves.

Cleanouts are slightly tapered to allow for an easy installation on any of K&M’s standard square downspout pipe, however, we recommend owning a pair of crimpers to make the job even easier in some situations where the downspout may be a slightly different size, or may just not fit perfectly.

K&M Sheet Metal offers a wide range of downspout cleanouts. From the standard common square corrugated downspout profiles to round downspout cleanouts, square smooth pipe cleanouts and round corrugated leader cleanouts.

Most of our downspout leaf cleanouts are offered in 24 gauge colored galvanized steel, 24 gauge galvalume plus, 0.032″ Kynar aluminum colors, 0.027″ regular standard aluminum colors, copper, lead coated copper, zinc, freedom gray and other materials.