Euro Bead Gutter Miters
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Reverse bead copper gutter outside miter
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K-style gutter copper outside box miter
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Commercial box gutter miter copper
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Miters for Standard Profile and Custom Gutters

K&M Sheet Metal and Gutter Supply offers a wide range of gutter miters. From the standard common K-Style Gutter, to Half-Round Gutters in both Traditional European Bead and Reverse Bead, to Custom Box Gutters, Ogee Gutters, Brownstone Gutters and any other feasible profile.

Some gutters miters are stamped, while others are custom made to order. Some of which may be tabbed and riveted, or soldered together.
This allows K&M to offer custom profile gutter miters as well as custom angles / degrees for miters.

Gutter miters are commonly offered in 24 gauge colored galvanized steel, 24 gauge Kynar colored steel, 0.032″ Kynar aluminum colors, 0.027″ regular standard aluminum colors, copper, lead coated copper, zinc, freedom gray and other special order materials.

We also offer all accessories needed for a gutter installation, such as: downspouts, elbows, gutter hangers, gutter end caps, outlets and any other gutter accessories needed.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are gutter miters?

Gutter miters are the parts used to connect two lengths of gutters at corners.

What are the standard gutter miter angles?

Normally, gutters miters are offered in 90° or 45° which are also known as bay miters.

What are bay miters?

Bay miters are miters for bay windows and are offered in 45°, which is 2 sections cut at 22.5° put together.

Why are some miters tabbed and riveted?

Some of the in-house made miters are custom made to order and not stamped, therefore these are tabbed and riveted, or soldered.

Can I install gutters without miters?

Yes, and you should if you want better looking gutters. However, this means that every length of gutter needs to have its ends cut at the right angle to connect to the other length of gutter at the corner. This makes the process slower and much more intricate, which is why most people opt for using gutter miters. These allow some room for error, since they cover the end cut of a gutter length.

What are box miters?

Box miters are the gutter miters that have a portion of a gutter to each of its end. This allows for the end of a gutter to be cut straight, and not at an angle, which is easier and quicker to install. This is not to be confused with Box gutter miters, which are miters made to fit box gutters.

What are strip miters?

Strip miters are gutter miters that are only a small strip in width. These have a much smaller profile and are not as visible as box miters, however, the gutter needs to be cut at an angle at its end to allow for strip miters to be used.

How are gutter miters installed?

Rivets or screws and sealed. Materials that can be soldered should, such as copper, lead coated copper, freedom gray etc.

Can gutter miters be made at different angles?

Yes, we can manufacture custom gutter miters.

What is the difference between inside and outside gutter miters?

Outside gutter miters are used on outside corners, while inside miters are used on inside corners.