Outlets / Drops and Strainers for Half Round Gutters, K-Style Gutters, Box and Custom Gutters

Gutter outlets, or gutter drops / goose necks are parts installed in a gutter to direct water to a downspout or elbow.

K&M Gutter Supply offers standard k-style gutter outlets as well as half round gutter outlets. We Stamped a few of our profiles in house, keeping costs low.

K-style gutter drops also fit any other gutter profile which features flat bottom where the outlet flange can sit properly, like a box gutter. Half Round outlets will only fit half-round gutters.

We also custom manufacture odd size goose necks as well as bigger sizes, like 4″ x 5″, 5″ x 6″, 5″, 6″, 7″ etc.

Gutter strainers or wire strainer are flexible and will fit either K or Half Round Gutter Outlets. These parts prevent leaves and other debris from clogging downspouts, elbows and underground drainage. To install, simply place the strainer inside the gutter outlet. No fastening necessary.