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Gutter Rivets, Roofing Nails, Zip Screws and Solder Bars

K&M supplies the roofing and sheet metal industry with roofing nails, aluminum and copper rivets along with stainless steel and copper plated zip screws.

We offer very competitive pricing on our roofing nails sold by the pound, box or buckets.

Freund, Malco, Rau, Stortz, Express & Wuko Tools

K&M Supply offers competitive pricing and a great selection of roofing, gutter, HVAC, siding, slate and sheet metal tools, along with fasteners and soldering supplies.

We ship to all US States. Local pickup is offered for customers in the Raleigh Durham area as well as discount for bulk orders / Contractors.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are zip screws made with solid copper?

Our copper zip screws are made with stainless steel and plated with copper.

Can zip screws be used on metal and wood?

They can, although they are better suited for metal.

What is the advantage of annular ring shank roofing nails?

Annular ring shank increases withdrawal resistance to provide a more secure attachment to wood members and plywood roof decks when compared to smooth shank roofing nails for example.

How do your prices compare to the big warehouses?

We offer very competitive pricing on all our items, especially on our roofing nails. If you're looking for good quality cheap stainless steel roofing nails, look no further.

What's 50/50 solder?

50/50 is referred to the mixture on the solder, in this case, 50% tin and 50% lead. We can also offer 60/40 solder (tin / lead).

Does 50/50 solder work differently than 60/40?

It does behave a bit different, but they can be mostly used on the same applications.

K&M Roofing and Gutter Supply has the best choices for purchasing gutter and accessories as well as metal roof panels with shipping to all US States. We also offer local pickups for customers in the Raleigh Durham Area in North Carolina as well as discount for bulk orders / Contractors.