Copper 16oz. Reverse Bead Half Round Gutter

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16oz. Copper Reverse Bead Half Round Gutter

Our Reverse Bead Half Round copper gutter is fabricated from the finest 16oz. copper. Half Round Copper gutters offer a distinctive appearance and traditional style appropriate for both historic restoration and new construction. Copper blends well with many roofing products and is a low maintenance option that does not require paint or cleaning. Copper will not rust and is well suited for nautical environments. Copper is a very durable and long lasting material with an average service life of approximately 70 years. Custom lengths, and heavier gauges are available call us at (919) 544-8887 for custom pricing.

Typically allowed to weather naturally, copper develops a blue-green coloration resulting from the formation of a protective copper oxide patina. During the initial weeks of exposure, particularly in a humid atmosphere or in areas of frequent rainfall, radical color changes often take place with iridescent pinks, oranges and reds interspersed with brassy yellows, blues, greens and purples. During continued exposure, these interference colors fade and are replaced by relatively uniform russet brown shades. In industrial and nautical atmospheres, the natural patina generally forms in approximately five to seven years. In rural atmospheres, where the quantity of air-born sulfur dioxide is relatively low, patina formation may not reach a dominant stage for 10 to 14 years. In arid environments, the basic sulfate patina may never form due to the lack of sufficient moisture. Similarly, exposed horizontal surfaces develop the patina more rapidly than sloping surfaces which, in turn, patinate more rapidly than vertical surfaces. The critical variable, in all instances, is the dwell time of moisture on the exposed surfaces.

There is no permanent protection system that will protect copper from weathering. There are clear coatings that will provide short-term protection for exterior applications and longer-term protection for interior applications.

The natural weathering cycle of copper is illustrated by the 12 sequential color plates in the Weathering Chart below.

Learn More About Copper at the Copper Development Association

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