Malco AV6 Red Aviation Snips - Left / Offset

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UPC: 686046530321
Brand: Malco

Malco AV6 Left Cut Aviation Snips

Must have tool for roofers

These snips are used to cut sharp left angles, straight lines and tight diameter circles. Use for HVAC, Roofing, sheet Metal, Siding and Gutter work along with countless other tasks. The AV6 provides you with cutting ability for Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and Mild Steel. The cutting length is 1 1/4".
It is a must have tool for any gutter / roofing work. Easily cut elbows, downspouts, outlet holes, miters etc.


  • Forged Steel Aviation Snips
  • Offset to the left side
  • Length of Cut: 1.25"
  • Grips: Red color handle
  • Length: 9.63"


  • Aluminum: 0.062"
  • Copper: 0.054"
  • Stainless Steel: (20 Gauge) 0.036"
  • Galvanized Steel: (18 Gauge) 0.052"
  • Mild Steel: (16 Gauge) 0.060"
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