Malco AV8 Red Vertical Aviation Snips - Left / Offset

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UPC: 686046540191
Brand: Malco

Malco AV8 Vertical Left Aviation Snips

Must have tool for roofers

The jaws of these sleek, compact and lightweight aviation snips are set at a 90° angle to the handles for easy upright gripping when cutting in confined spaces or overhead. The user can follow circular or rectangular pattern cuts with either a pushing or pulling motion. A serrated edge on the upper jaw and compound head-to-handle linkage provide powerful non-slip leverage for cutting up to 24-gauge (0.61 mm) cold rolled steel or 28-gauge (0.38 mm) stainless steel. The AV8 provides you with cutting ability for Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and Mild Steel.
It is a must have tool for any gutter / roofing work. Easily cut elbows, downspouts, outlet holes, miters etc.


  • Forged Steel Aviation Snips
  • Cuts steel in tight spaces and overhead
  • Grips: Red color handle


  • Cuts up to 24-gauge cold rolled steel
  • Cuts up to 28-gauge stainless
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