Pipe Roof Vent Stack Cover with Flexible Mounting Flange

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Brand: AMG

Copper Roof Vent Pipe Cover with Flexible Base Flashing

Available in Copper

AMG's Copper Roof Vent Pipe vent Pipe Flashing Boots is has a soldered zinc portion that allows for roof pitch adjustment.
Suitable for slate, copper, asphalt shingle, clay tile, wood shake or composite shingle roof with a roof slope between 2/12 and 12/12.
Copper base plate and caps are included.

Why are these on sale? These are in perfect condition, however, they have been sitting for a few years and therefore present some patina. THIS WILL NOT LOOK SHINY WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT, but it is in perfect condition and can be cleaned to look like new copper.
Do not use this product on Zinc, Steel or Aluminum Metal roofs. If installing this product in cold weather, pre-heat the zinc bellows prior to flexing to prevent cracking of the material.

Final Sale!
If you need bigger sizes, made at an specific pitch, check out our custom pipe roof flashing.

Correct Pipe Dimensions

Please refer to secondary image for sizing
A 3" cover will be approximately 2.75" inside dimension.
A 4" cover will be approximately 3.75" inside dimension.
A 5" cover will be approximately 4.75" inside dimension.


  • Material: Copper
  • Made in Germany

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