Galvalume Standard Square Downspout Strap

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24 Gauge Galvalume Square Downspout Strap Standard 1.5" Width

The standard leg length is for a flush to 1" downspout offset from the wall. If a longer length is needed please select the appropriate offset option. Strap legs are not bent at the wall location to allow you to adjust the length depending on your installation. Heavier gauges and widths are available: Call us at (919) 544-8887 for custom pricing.

Two (2) Downspout Straps are required for every 10 feet of downspout. Three (3) Downspout Straps are sufficient for a straight 20 foot run. For a 10 foot run, place (1) approximately 1 foot from the bottom and (1) one foot from the top. For a 20 foot run, place (1) approximately one foot from the bottom, (1) in the middle and (1) one foot from the top. Most contractors will layout straps so that they will cover downspout seams giving the appearance of a continuous pipe.

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