Square Corrugated 0.027" Aluminum Elbow (A) Style

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Square Corrugated 0.027" (A) Aluminum Elbow

Available in several colors. 0.027" Standard Aluminum.

Elbows are fittings designed to change the downspout direction in pre specified angles. An "A" style elbow refers to an elbow that, when attached to a downspout, angles the downspout frontwards and backwards in reference to a building. Our square corrugated elbows are available in the colors below and match our downspouts. The square corrugated downspout and elbow system is commonly used with k-style and box gutters, but can be used with any other gutter system. The non crimped end easily fits over the outside of an outlet or the crimped end of a downspout. We also sell crimpers for the downspout portion not crimped (if it was trimmed for example).
Custom colors and materials are available. Please contact us for pricing.


  • Size: 3" x 4"
  • Material Thickness: 0.027"
  • Angle: #0 (30°), #1 (45°), #2 (60°), #3 (75°) and #4 (90°)
0.027" Aluminum Elbow Color Options
Black 0.027


Dark bronze 0.027

Dark bronze

Musket Brown 0.027

Musket Brown

Royal brown 0.027

Royal brown

Almond 0.027


Linen 0.027


30° white 0.027

Low Gloss (30°) White

80° white 0.027

High Gloss (80°) White

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