Stainless Steel #9 Hex Head Sharp Point Wood Screw

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Hex Flange / Head Sharp Point #9 304 Stainless Steel Screw

Available by the pound or boxes of 1000. 1.5", 2" and 2.5".

Extra-sharp point for quick penetration through aluminum, steel or copper without “point walking”. Features a 1/4" hex head with a flange, avoiding the need for washers.

Size0.5 Lb.1 Lb.5 Lbs.Box of 1000 Screws
1.5"~62 Screws~124 Screws~620 Screws8.5 Lbs.
2"~49 Screws~98 Screws~490 Screws10.5 Lbs.
2.5"~41 Screws~82 Screws~410 Screws12.5 Lbs.


  • General sheet metal to wood screw
  • Installing downspout straps to wood siding
  • Great for installing gutter hangers into fascia or rafter tails


  • #9 Wood screw
  • 1/4" Hex drive
  • 304 Stainless Steel is compatible with copper, zinc, aluminum, galvalume & steel
  • Available in 1.5", 2" and 2.5" Sold by the box or by the pound

Key Features

  • Large, flat head provides extra bearing surface to firmly secure roofing material
  • Longer lengths ideal for installing curved Spanish roof tiles and thicker slate

Galvanic Reaction

Choosing the right type of fastener can be confusing as some metals don't work well together. They can attack other metals which will cause at best discoloration and at worst structural failure. And it is not just differing metals touching each other that can cause issues. Mere proximity must be considered. Rainwater runoff from a reactive metal to another can wreak havoc. It is therefore very important to keep galvanic reaction potential in mind when planning the design of your building.

Galvanic Reaction TableAluminumCopperGalvanized SteelLeadStainless SteelZinc
Galvanized SteelOKXOKOKOKOK
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