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For custom inquiries and all other questions, please use the form below to send us an email. We’ll get back to you Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm.
For any custom requests, please submit a drawing / sketch with your message. K&M does not offer takeoff services for blueprints / construction plans.

Questions about shipping? Please click here.

    K&M does not have any distributors or other locations, but we do sell directly to business and consumers shipping orders all over the United States.
    K&M does not offer color chips or material samples. We do offer a color chart that we can mail out. For metal color chips, please contact PAC CLAD directly.
    K&M does not offer installation services. The only installer we can recommend is our sister company Century Slate for local jobs in zinc and copper only.
    For all questions related to shipping methods and shipping prices, please refer to this guide that contains answers to most common questions and ways you may be able to save money on shipping.

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    • (919) 544-8887

    • Monday to Thursday 7am-5pm / Friday 7am-3pm

    • 1310 East Cornwallis Rd. – Durham, NC – 27713
    • Shipping and receiving: 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday