Malco 12" Aluminum Sheet Metal Snip - Left

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Malco MC12A 12" Classic Combination Snips

The Malco MC12A 12" Aluminum Andy Classic Combination Snip is a big 12 inch snip with 3 inch cut length. The 12" Andy Classic Combination Snips will make straight,left and right cuts and also circles to 6 inches in diameter. The large handles are designed so that when you need to the tool can be easily operated while wearing gloves. The Andy Snip has pressure fit insert blades that allow quick and easy replacement. The Andy Snip is perfect for HVAC, Roofing, Siding and Gutter work along with numerous other tasks. Use the Andy Snips to cut vinyl, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and mild steel.

Product Details:

  • Larger Handle Loops
  • Sleek Head Design Improves Maneuverability
  • Full 3" (76.2 mm) Cutting Length - 12"
  • Pressure-fit Inset Blades (M12N, M12NG, MC12N, MC12NG)
  • Length of Cut: 3 Inches
  • Length: 12 Inches
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