Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank Roofing Nails - 10 Gauge

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10 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Ring Shank Roofing Nails

25 lbs. Bucket Available in 4D 1-1/2", 6D 2" and 8D 2 1/2"

Key Features

  • Large, flat head provides extra bearing surface to firmly secure roofing material
  • Barb Shank / Annular Ring Shank increases withdrawal resistance to provide a secure attachment to wood members and plywood roof decks
  • Longer lengths ideal for installing curved Spanish roof tiles and thicker slate


Installation Tip: For slate roofs, determine the correct nail length by doubling the slate thickness and adding one inch


  • 304 Stainless Steel 10 ga
  • Annular Ring Shank / Barb Shank
  • 3/8" Head Diameter
  • ~139 nails per pound for 4D 1-1/2" nails, ~105 nails per pound for 6D 2" nails and ~71 nails per pound for 8D 2 1/2" nails.
  • 25 lbs Box contains approximately 3475 4d nails, 2625 6D nails and 1775 8D nails

Choosing the right type of fastener can be confusing as some metals don’t work well together. They can “attack” other metals which will cause at best discoloration and at worst structural failure. A zinc coated steel nail that you can find readily at your local home store may save you a little money now but it will most likely rust out and fail long before your roofing system costing you a bunch later. If your installing a roofing system that is meant to last a lifetime then your fasteners should match the lifespan of the roof. Stainless Steel is one of the best options for slate, tile and copper roofing.

And it is not just differing metals touching each other that can cause issues. Mere proximity must be considered. Rainwater runoff from a reactive metal to another can wreak havoc. It is therefore very important to keep galvanic reaction potential in mind when planning the design of your building.

To make things easy, we built a galvanic reaction chart:

Galvanic Reaction Table Aluminum Copper Galvanized Steel Lead Stainless Steel Zinc
Aluminum OK X OK OK OK OK
Copper X OK X OK OK X
Galvanized Steel OK X OK OK OK OK
Stainless Steel OK OK OK OK OK OK
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