Stay-Clean Liquid Soldering Flux

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Brand: Harris Products

Harris Stay Clean Soldering Flux

Solder Copper, Stainless, Brass, Galvanized & Steel

Stay Clean liquid flux is an inorganic acid & salt type flux. It is formulated to be active at temperatures optimum for a range of solder compositions and is ideal for soldering a variety of base metals as noted below.

Physical Data:

  • Color: Clear to slightly yellow liquid
  • pH: 1.2

Properties & Use

Stay Clean liquid effectively removes surface oxide and prevents oxide formation during soldering. Stay Clean can be used with most tin based solder compositions and is an excellent companion flux with Harris Stay Brite® and Stay Brite® #8. Stay Clean is an active soldering flux. It works well on copper and brass but is more frequently used on base metals that require a more aggressive flux, such as steel, nickel, and stainless steel, (it is not suitable for aluminum or magnesium). Minimal pre-cleaning is required with Stay Clean Flux, but it is good practice to remove excess oil, grease, or other surface contaminants prior to fluxing and soldering. Flux should be applied with a brush or other type applicator. Avoid getting excess flux inside tube or other connections.. Flux residue is corrosive and a post-solder flux removal procedure should be employed. Because of this it is not recommended for use in electrical or electronic applications.

Flux Residue Removal

Stay Clean contains zinc and ammonium chloride and a small percent of hydrochloric acid. To best neutralize remaining residue the following steps are suggested as soon as possible after soldering. 1. Thoroughly soak and wash soldered parts in a solution made up of one to two ounces tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) or bicarbonate of soda added to one gallon of water heated to 120o F (49 o C).

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