Wuko Maxi Hemmer 4052 with Carrying Case

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Brand: Wuko

WUKO Maxi Hemmer 4052

Makes a hem of up to 2" on a 90° leg

The Wuko Maxi Hemmer 4052 is made for great handling on straight, long sheet metal strips where a hem can be created without the typical required free space on the sides. It can be inserted and removed anywhere along your work piece via it's counter rollers that can be moved out of the way with a single use of the handle.
Comes in sturdy carrying case
Wuko Benders are a synonym of quality. These are considered to be exceptional, long-lasting tools in the trade.
This tool can be used on most sheet metals. Commonly on copper, zinc, steel, aluminum, freedom gray, lead coated copper, galvanized steel etc.


  • Max. bending height: 2"
  • Min. bending height: 0.313"
  • Bending capacity: 22 gauge
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.
  • Made in Austria

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