Wuko Uber Bender 6350

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Wuko Uber Bender 6350

Bends up to 14" of Sheet Metal From 0° to 100°

The Wuko Uber Bender 6350 is thE longer version of the 6200. It features a thin bending angled wheel, which allows for bends over 90° up to 100°. It also allows for the bender to be over previous bends, such as bending along longitudinal beadings, or panel profile bends. featuring only one set of rollers, this bender still gives you the ability to do some radius bending, although it is really intended for more straight lines.
Another great tool from the Wuko Arsenal.
Wuko benders are a must have tools for metal roofers, those bending metal without a brake / box brake and those making radius roof panels and / or triangular shaped panels where one of the standing seams needs to be bent by hand, like in a starter panel.
Wuko Benders are a synonym of quality. These are considered to be exceptional, long-lasting tools in the trade.
This tool can be used on most sheet metals. Commonly on copper, zinc, steel, aluminum, freedom gray, lead coated copper, galvanized steel etc.


  • Max. bending height: 350 mm / 14″
  • Min. bending height: 6 mm / 0.24″
  • Bending capacity: 0.80 mm / 0.031″ (for all common materials)
  • Weight: 1,95 kg / 4.3 lbs.
  • Made in Austria

Other Information

  • Uni Bender: One set of rollers
  • Duo Bender: Two sets of rollers
  • Also known as: Skates

Using Wuko Benders

  • 1 - Set rolers to desired dimension
  • 2 - Move the benders back and forth in small angled increments to create a bend in the metal

Some Video Examples from Wuko

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