0.032" Aluminum Kynar T-Style Locking Drip Edge with Kick

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T Shape Roof Locking Drip Edge Flashing Metal - 10' Length

Edge metal used on rubber, tile, slate, shingle and metal roofs. 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum. Available in several colors.

This simple drip edge profile, also known as "t-style" is used on any type roofing, but is a requirement for metal roofs due to its overhang which is used to secure metal roof panels.
This style of drip edge is a preferred choice for many roofers because the overhang helps with directing water away from the vertical portion of the drip edge, minimizing the risk of the water going back against the fascia.
The name drip edge comes from the kick portion of this profile, at the very bottom, responsible for kicking the water away from the fascia board. That portion is essentially a drip edge.
Another common name for this drip edge profile is "metal roofing drip edge".
This may be ordered as an angled drip edge or flat. A flat drip edge will also work on an angled roof, except "B" will not sit up against the fascia, it will be perpendicular to the roof. Although this may not be ideal, if this is being placed on both a rake edge along with a gable it will make both pieces line up as far as height goes. Otherwise, if the rake edge metal is manufactured at an angle, it will need to have a taller "B" dimension to line up with the gable drip edge.
You may order custom profiles through this page, browse our store for other profiles or send us an email for a quote on something even more intricate.


  • Material: 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum
  • 10' Lengths
  • Made to Order
  • Made in the USA
(H) Nominal Size Material (A) Roof (B) Face (C) Kick (D) Hem (E) Overhang (F) Stock (Total Material)
1.5" Copper, Freedom Gray, Lead Coated Copper 2.125" 1" 0.5" 0.375" 1" 3.125" 6"
1.5" Aluminum, Steel, Galvalume and Stainless Steel 2.125" 1" 0.5" 0.375" 1" 3.825" 6"
2" Copper, Freedom Gray, Lead Coated Copper 2.625" 1.5" 0.5" 0.375" 1" 3.125" 7.2"
2" Aluminum, Steel, Galvalume and Stainless Steel 2.625" 1.5" 0.5" 0.375" 1" 4.625" 8"

All dimensions are approximate with ~1/8" tolerance.

Ordering Instructions
  • 1 - Pick your material. For other materials navigate back to Edge Metal.
  • 2.0 - Pick your dimensions. These are provided in the chart below.
  • 2.1 - Custom dimensions: Pick the appropriate selection for the amount of stock material needed.
    Example: If adding all dimensions of your custom profile (B+C+D+E+F) equals 6.5", you'll pick the next dimension up, in this case 7.2" or 8" depending on the material.
  • 3 - Hem. The hem is the folded portion after the kick. If you select "No hem", the material that is used for this portion would be added to the roof portion.
    Example: A 1.5" profile in copper has a 0.375" hem, which would be added to the roof dimension (F). (F) would become 3.5" (3.125" +0.375").
  • 4 - Roof pitch. Select 0 for no pitch / 90° standard angle / flat roof, or the appropriate / closest pitch. The roof pitch is determined by the rise over the run.
    Example: If for every horizontal 12" your roof rises 6", you have a pitch 6.
  • 5 - This is where you'll add dimensions for fields B, C, D, E and F  if a custom profile was selected on field 2, otherwise leave blank.
  • 6 - If you prefer to email a sketch you can use this field, otherwise, leave blank.
Submittals & Downloads
Color and Material Options
0.032" Kynar® Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Common Roof Edge Metal and Flashing Metal Color Options
Black kynar aluminum

Black Aluminum

Matte black kynar steel

Matte Black Steel

Black kynar aluminum and galvanized steel


Dark bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Dark Bronze

Medium bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Medium Bronze

Almond aluminum and galvanized steel


Stone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Stone White

Bone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Bone White

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