Expanded Copper Metal Screen Sheets and Coil

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Copper Expanded Sheet Metal

Perfect for Chimney Caps and Vents

Our copper expanded metal is custom manufactured in a 100' roll / coil and can be cut to custom lengths. It is available in 1', 5', 10', 25', 50' and 100'. Widths of 12" & 18" are available for 1', 5' and 10' lengths only.
This material is manufactured with 110 Copper alloy, and it is 0.045" thick before flattening. Sold with a thickness of 0.043".
Widely used in the sheet metal and roofing industry, it is also commonly used for artists / artisans. Mostly, this screen is used to manufacture chimney caps / chimney tops.
Product is normally referred to as 1.75" x 0.75" copper screen / expanded copper metal.
Material is flexible enough to be flattened by hand after unpacking and can be easily cut with sheet metal snips.
Although commonly called "copper mesh" or a "wire mesh", this product is neither. This is an expanded metal. It is manufactured from a copper coil, which is cut, expanded then flattened to create its pattern / look.


  • Format: roll / coil
  • Long way diamond (lwd): 2.0"
  • Short way diamond (swd): 0.815"
  • Strand width: 0.091"
  • Tolerance for the above: +/- 5 %
  • Thickness after flattening: 0.043"
  • Part weight: 1.235 lbs. per linear foot / 0.412 lbs. per square foot
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