Express Standard Soldering Iron Kit

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UPC: 818592010112
Brand: Guilbert Express

Soldering Iron Kit

Guilbert Express Standard Model

This powerful propane powered soldering kit includes all the elements for heavy duty sheet metal soldering. It comes pre-tested and assembled for immediate use on the roof or in the shop.
Great for sheet metal workers and metal roofers that solder copper, lead coated copper, stainless steel etc.


  • 16553 Standard Soldering Iron
  • Medium Tip
  • 15' Hose U/L listed
  • 30 PSI Regulator U/L Listed
  • Replacement Gas Nozzle
  • Flint Striker


  • Iron Length (Diagonally, including tip): 13.2"
  • Iron Weight: 33 oz.
  • Gas Consumption lbs. / hr: 0.16
  • Start Up Time: 80 seconds
  • Other: Swivel Attachment
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