Plain Square 0.027" Aluminum Downspout Strap

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Standard Plain Square Aluminum Downspout Strap

Available Several colors. 0.027" aluminum. Downspout wall attachment.

Downspout straps come flat or pre formed to fit one of our standard downspouts. The standard leg length is for a flush to 1" downspout offset from the wall (depending on how much is bent for the leg portion) however, if a longer length is needed please select the larger version.
The legs on these downspout straps do not come pre bent at the wall location to allow you to adjust the length depending on your installation.
At least two downspout straps are required for every 10 feet of downspout. Three are usually sufficient for a straight 20' foot run.
For a 10 foot run, place a strap approximately 1' from the bottom and another 1' from the top. For a 20' foot run, use the same adding a strap right at the seam between the 2 downspouts, which also hides the seam giving it the appearance of a continuous length.
Custom colors, sizes and materials are available as custom items. Please, contact us for a quote.

SizeABCF / Stock Size
2"x3" / 3"x3"3.125"5.437"1.562"14"
2"x3" / 3"x3" Large3.125"7.437"1.562"18"
3"x4" / 4"x4"4.125"5.937"1.562"16"
3"x4" / 4"x4" Large4.125"7.937"1.562"20"
4"x5" / 5"x5"5.125"7.437'1.562"20"
4"x5" / 5'x5" Large5.125"9.437"1.562"24"
4"x6" / 6"x6"6.125"7.937"1.562"22"
4"x6" / 6"x6" Large6.125"9.937"1.562"26"
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Color and Material Options
0.027" Aluminum Downspout Strap Color Options
Black 0.027


Dark bronze 0.027

Dark Bronze

Musket Brown 0.027

Musket Brown

Royal brown 0.027

Royal Brown

Almond 0.027


Linen 0.027


30° white 0.027

Low Gloss White (30°)

80° white 0.027

High Gloss White (80°)

Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request. Colors displayed for reference only.
Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered.

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