Gutter Downspouts – Round, Square, Plain and Corrugated in Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc and Galvalume Plus

Downspouts, also known as leaders or pipes, are parts normally fabricated in 10′ lengths designed to move rain water from a roof through a gutter or leader head to a designated ground area.

K&M Sheet Metal and Gutter Supply offers a wide range of gutter downspout profiles. From the standard common square corrugated pipes to round downspouts, square smooth downspouts  round corrugated leaders.

At K&M Sheet Metal and Gutter Supply, we proudly offer standard profiles and colors at 10′ lengths. Most of our downspouts are offered in 24 gauge colored galvanized steel, 24 gauge galvalume plus, 0.032″ Kynar aluminum colors, 0.027″ regular standard aluminum colors, copper, lead coated copper, zinc, freedom gray and other materials.

We also offer round corrugated downspouts, custom lengths, colors and materials for all downspout profiles, standard or custom, along with gutters, downspouts, elbows, hangers, end caps, outlets and any other gutter accessories needed.