Aluminum Blind Pop Rivets 100 pieces

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1/8" Aluminum Blind Pop Rivets

Available in mill finish aluminum and in several colors

Aluminum pop rivets (blind rivets) are used to connect two pieces of material in a quick efficient way. Often used when installing gutters, downspouts and their accessories. These rivets come in all our standard gutter system colors. Sold in bags of 100 pcs.
Use an 1/8" or a #30 drill bit for rivet holes.
These blind rivets have a break away mandrel shaft that will require the use of a pop rivet tool.

Specifications #42 Size #44 Size
Grip Range 1/16" - 1/8" (0.0625" - 0.125") 3/16" - 1/4"" (0.188" - 0.25")
Head Length 1/4" (0.25") 3/8" (0.375")
Head Diameter ~1/4" (0.26") ~1/4" (0.26")
Maximum Shear Strength 120 pounds 120 pounds
Specification Met IFI-114 Grade 11 IFI-114 Grade 11
Item per pack 100 pcs 100 pcs
Shaft Material (Mandrel) Aluminum Aluminum
Drill Hole Size #30 - 1/8" #30 - 1/8"
Rivet Style Break Pull Mandrel Break Pull Mandrel
Tensile Strength 150 pounds 150 pounds

Galvanic Reaction

Choosing the right type of fastener can be confusing as some metals don’t work well together. They can “attack” other metals which will cause at best discoloration and at worst structural failure. And it is not just differing metals touching each other that can cause issues. Mere proximity must be considered. Rainwater runoff from a reactive metal to another can wreak havoc. It is therefore very important to keep galvanic reaction potential in mind when planning the design of your building.

Galvanic Reaction Table Aluminum Copper Galvanized Steel Lead Stainless Steel Zinc
Aluminum OK X OK OK OK OK
Copper X OK X OK OK X
Galvanized Steel OK X OK OK OK OK
Stainless Steel OK OK OK OK OK OK
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