Aluminum Hidden Gutter Hanger With Screw and Clip

5" & 6"
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Brand: Raytec

Aluminum Box / K-Style Hidden Gutter Hanger with Screw & Clip

Hemmed Back. Aluminum Hanger for Galvanized, Steel, Galvalume and Aluminum Gutters.

Our K-Style Hidden Gutter hanger has set new strength standards for gutter hangers. Available for 5" & 6" K-Style Gutter, Hangfast's patent-pending design prevents gutter sag and hanger failure. Manufactured by Raytec from 0.063" aluminum, they are self-bracing at the point of stress. Hangfast® will produce a great-looking installation that will hold up to wind, rain, sleet, snow and ice. Installers like the integrated screw design of the hanger because they can install gutters faster without having to deal with separate screws while on a ladder. The design/engineering and quality materials used in the production of these strong hidden hangers prove to be the best value for hidden hangers on the market today.


  • Heavy Duty 1/16" thick aluminum
  • Available for 5" and 6" K-style Gutters
  • Works with all K&M Box Gutter Profiles
  • May be used for other box gutters or custom gutters if the profile allows
  • May be installed with a strap or rod for roof mounting

Hangers with clips vs. no clips

The back portion of a hanger will either feature a hem / clip or not. The reason for this is because gutters also feature a hem or not and the hanger to be used should have the opposite of that the gutter has.
For example: Our residential box gutters feature a hemmed back. The hanger to be used with these gutters should be the ones without a clip / hem. That way the hanger sits just inside the hem in the gutter for installation.
A gutter without a hem, like our K-Style gutters will require a hanger with a hem. The hemmed portion of the hanger goes over the back of the gutter. By pushing it down, you can snap it in place getting it ready to be screwed through the back of the gutter.
One of the advantages of using the correct hanger is that you can place the hangers in the gutter prior to installation, and you may be able to pickup the gutter from grabbing onto the hangers, vs. piking up the gutter from its underside.
However, you don't necessarily need to follow this. You can place a hemmed hanger inside a hemmed gutter, or simply break the hem off the hanger and it will work. You can also use a hanger without a clip in a gutter without a hem. This will work fine on most application without any issues.
, some gutters, specially custom ones may have higher backs which will force you to install a typical hanger inside the gutter either way.

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