The Industrial Conductor Head | Leader Head - Copper, Aluminum, Steel

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The Industrial Conductor Head

Available in copper, zinc, galvalume, colored aluminum and steel

The Industrial Conductor Head is our most versatile economy conductor head as it can accommodate an array of downspouts up to 6" round or 6"x8" square due to its large bottom. Available with or without the overflow opening. This is a great cost effective & attractive alternative option for industrial and commercial buildings.
Please contact us for a custom size, color or material, such as pre patina copper, lead coated copper, stainless steel or freedom gray.

Conductor heads enhance the beauty and architectural style on a building. They are traditionally installed under the soffit to let air into the line which then prevents excess noise (gurgling) and helps stop vacuum lock. They are also used for through wall scuppers and roof drains.


  • Width: 12.5"
  • Depth: 9.25"
  • Height: 9.875"

Downspout Options

  • 2"x3", 3"x4", 4"x5", 4"x6", 6"x6" & 6"x8
  • 3", 4", 5" & 6" Round


  • Made to order
0.027" Aluminum Conductor Heads and Leader Heads Color Options
Black 0.027


Dark bronze 0.027

Dark bronze

Musket Brown 0.027

Musket Brown

Royal brown 0.027

Royal brown

Almond 0.027


Linen 0.027


30° white 0.027

Low Gloss (30°) White

80° white 0.027

High Gloss (80°) White

0.032" Kynar Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Conductor Heads and Leader Heads Color Options
Black kynar aluminum and galvanized steel

Matte black

Dark bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Dark bronze

Medium bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Medium bronze

Almond aluminum and galvanized steel


Stone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Stone white

Bone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Bone white

Common Material Options for Leader Heads



Pre Patina Copper

Freedom gray

Freedom gray



Lead coated copper

Lead coated copper



Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request.
Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered.

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