Copper barrel dormer custom made to order

Custom Barrel Copper Dormer

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Copper half-round dormer custom made to order

Half Round Copper Dormer

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Eyebrow Roof Dormer

Eyebrow Dormers

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Copper gable dormer custom made to order

Louvered Copper Gable Dormer

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How much do roof dormers cost?

Standard dormers can be ordered here. Custom dormers can be quoted via email, please, send us a sketch with dimensions for an estimate.

Custom Copper Dormers & Copper Louvers

Metal Dormers, which are commonly build out of materials that can be soldered such as copper, are structural elements of buildings that project from the slope of the roof surface.

Louvered dormers are commonly used for HVAC, exhaust plenums or simply for decoration. Window dormers are normally added to create extra usable space in a roof structure along with the ability to allow for ventilation and light.

Copper, Zinc, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray and even Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel are preferably used for the manufacturing of these items since such metals can be soldered, allowing for long lasting joints. Galvanized Steel eventually rusts, and Stainless Steel may be too reflective, which is one of the reasons why copper is the most popular material for dormers.

K&M specializes in the custom manufacturing of copper dormers and other materials as well. Our experienced craftsmen can help you in designing and achieving the look you want.

Our dormers are designed in CAD and laser cut for a perfect fit every time. Intricate portions as louver blades become easier and quicker to install, making these products more cost effective.

Dormers can also sometimes be used simply as a decoration feature. These ornamental items make it for an impressive look in any building structure.

Other details about dormers and louvers

  • Dormers and louvers are commonly fabricated out of 16 oz 20 oz copper and normally feature animal or bug screen.
  • These products are made to order and can feature mounting flanges as needed
  • During the colder months, dormers can assist in reducing moisture, which may help prevent the formation of ice dams.
  • In the summer months, the ventilation provided by dormers may also help keep temperatures and moisture down, reducing energy consumption.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre made profiles available?

At the present moment, all dormers are custom made to order. We are working on offering standard models for different roof pitches.

Can dormers be ordered in any roof pitch?

Technically, they can, although metal dormers are common in steeper roof pitches.

Is aluminum or steel a suitable material for a dormer?

Yes, although anything that can be soldered is optimal for log lasting water tight joints.

What are the names of popular copper dormers?

There are many types of dormers, most commonly: half round dormers, eyebrow dormers, gable dormers, louver dormers, ornamental dormers, wall dormers, shed dormers, ridge dormers etc.

What the most popular louver shapes?

Louvers can be manufactured in pretty much any feasible shape. Common profiles include: square louvers, rectangular, triangular, oval, round and and half round louvers.

K&M Sheet Metal and Roofing Supply specializes in the creation and custom manufacturing of metal dormers. We work with homeowners, architects and contractors. We also offer local pickups for customers in the Raleigh Durham Area in North Carolina (RTP), along with shipping to all US States. Discounts for bulk orders / Contractors may be available.

Submittals & Downloads
Color and Material Options
Pac Clad Standard 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Common Roof Dormer Color Options
Black kynar aluminum

Black Aluminum

Matte black kynar steel

Matte Black Steel

Black kynar aluminum and galvanized steel

Charcoal Aluminum Steel

Dark bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Dark Bronze Aluminum Steel

Medium bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Medium Bronze Aluminum Steel

Copper penny aluminum and galvanized steel

Copper Penny

Almond aluminum and galvanized steel

Almond Aluminum Steel

Bone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Bone White Aluminum Steel

Atas Standard 0.032" Kynar® Aluminum and 24 Gauge Galvalume Steel Common Roof Dormer Color Options
Kynar Black aluminum and steel

Black Aluminum Steel

Kynar Charcoal Grey aluminum and steel

Charcoal Grey Aluminum Steel

Kynar Classic Bronze aluminum and steel

Classic Bronze Aluminum Steel

Kynar Medium Bronze aluminum and steel

Medium Bronze Aluminum Steel

Kynar Coppertone Bronze aluminum and steel

Coppertone Aluminum Steel

Kynar Matte Almond aluminum and steel

Almond Aluminum Steel

Kynar Bone White aluminum and steel

Bone White Aluminum Steel

Kynar Slate Grey aluminum and steel

Slate Grey Aluminum Steel

Kynar Forest Green aluminum and steel

Forest Green Aluminum Steel

Kynar Hartford Green aluminum and steel

Hartford Green Aluminum Steel

Common Material Options for Dormers


Pre Patina Copper

Pre Patina Copper

Freedom gray

Freedom Gray®

Galvalume Plus

Galvalume Plus

Lead coated copper

Lead Coated Copper

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request. Colors displayed for reference only.
Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered.