Copper barrel dormer custom made to order

Custom Barrel Copper Dormer

Copper half-round dormer custom made to order

Half Round Copper Dormer

Eyebrow Roof Dormer

Eyebrow Dormers

Louvered copper gable dormer

Custom Dormers

How much do roof dormers cost?

Standard dormers can be ordered here. Custom dormers can be quoted via email, please, send us a sketch with dimensions for an estimate.

Custom Copper Dormers & Copper Louvers

Metal Dormers, which are commonly build out of materials that can be soldered such as copper, are structural elements of buildings that project from the slope of the roof surface.

Louvered dormers are commonly used for HVAC, exhaust plenums or simply for decoration. Window dormers are normally added to create extra usable space in a roof structure along with the ability to allow for ventilation and light.

Copper, Zinc, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray and even Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel are preferably used for the manufacturing of these items since such metals can be soldered, allowing for long lasting joints. Galvanized Steel eventually rusts, and Stainless Steel may be too reflective, which is one of the reasons why copper is the most popular material for dormers.