Galvalume Plus Reverse Bead Half Round Gutter

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24 Gauge Galvalume Plus Reverse Bead Half Round Gutter

Galvalume has existed for some time in the roofing industry, but only recently started to gain a growing presence in the world of rain gutters. Their curb appeal combined with their longevity have started to make them a much more appealing gutter system. Do you love the longevity of copper gutters but prefer the look of galvanized gutters? Do you want gutters that will last a lifetime but don’t want to shell out the big bucks? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then K&M Sheet Metal has your solution – Galvalume! Galvalume is steel, with a coating of aluminum and zinc. The result is a strong, durable metal with proven long term corrosion resistance. The Galvalume coating process consists of 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc and is applied to the steel sheet by a continuous hot dipping process. The process gives steel the unique combination of strength, long term corrosion resistance, with galvanic protection at cuts and bends in the material. Galvalume has more benefits than just structural functionality. Not only is it durable and effective, but it can add a great curb appeal to your home! While copper is beautiful, it changes color over time as it forms a patina that may or may not be desirable. The color also doesn’t match every home’s decor and that’s where Galvalume comes in; it has a more neutral appeal without disturbing the balance of the home’s aesthetic. Many find it to be more modern and refined than other gutter systems.

More Benefits of Galvalume:

  • Has a uniform, architectural shine that weathers evenly.
  • Resists fingerprints and smudging.
  • Its rollformed dry so there are no oils.

Custom lengths and heavier gauges are available call us at (919) 544-8887 for custom pricing.

Download Gutter Submittal & Spec Sheet

Download PDF Submittal & Spec Sheet

*All Gutter & Downspout orders require a Material Skid to ship. Any 10' items will be charged a $50 Fee and any 20' items will be charged a $110 Skid Fee. The one time Charge depending on the longest length of your order will be automatically calculated into the LTL Freight shipping cost*
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