Copper half round gutter stamped hanger
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Hangfast Brass K-Style Gutter Hanger with Clip and Screw
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K-Style gutter hanger no clip - no screw - Aluminum and Galvanized steel
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Half Round Gutter Hangers and Shanks

Half round gutters can be installed a number of different ways.

Under mount hangers, like our most popular #15 are a very good choice for both pricing and longevity on installations of single bead half round gutters.

Other half round gutter hangers like the hidden hanger for single bead gutters, can be used and mounted either directly to the fascia or by using a roof mount rod.

We also offer a plethora of gutter shanks for situations where an odd pitch exists. Shank #30 is adjustable, while #12, #11 and # 6 offer different options.

K-Style / Ogee Gutter / Box Gutter Hangers and Accessories

K-Style Gutters can be installed a couple of different ways.

The most common way is by using one of our hidden hangers, which hooks into the front lip of the gutter and goes over the back flange of the gutter, where the screw or nail goes into a wall / fascia board.

Hangers without screws allow for you to choose your favorite screw or nail for installation.

We can also custom manufacture k-style gutter hangers, as well as box gutter hangers.

Roof installation is done by using a rod, which is fed through the hole in the middle of one of the hangers shown.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Half round gutters

What is an under mount hanger?

It's a gutter hanger that is placed under the gutter. The gutter is mounted by resting on such hangers.

How are half round hidden hangers installed?

They are place inside the gutter, secured in the back via a rivet / screw if supported with a rod, or screw through the back into the fascia.

What are gutter shanks?

Shanks are parts that work in conjunction with gem, circle hangers. They are the parts that allow for mounting the hanger to a fascia, rafter or roof.

Can the universal roof mount bracket be made in different angles?

Yes, you may choose the angle in which it is fabricated. Additionally, it may be adjusted in the field.

What is the combo #10 hanger?

The combo #10 hanger is a half round gutter hanger that includes a gem circle hanger and a 90° shank pre assembled for plum fascia mounting.

Can aluminum and copper be mixed on gutters?

Dissimilar materials should not be mixed to avoid reactions.

What is the best option for a gutter hanger?

We believe our #15 half-round gutter hanger is the best option, as it is a very strong under mount hanger made with 3/16" material.

K Hangers

What material hangers should be used with copper gutters?

Brass, copper or stainless steel which are metals that don't react with copper. Aluminum, galvanized steel and steel are not recommended.

What materials are accepted for hangers on aluminum gutters?

Stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel will work well.

What are the holes on the gutter hangers for?

The holes seen on k-style gutter hangers are there as an option for roof mount installations. A rod is fed through that hole, and secured via a nut. Then the top portion of the rod is bent at the correct pitch and fastened to the roof.

Can K-Style hangers be used on box gutters?

Yes, however, many box gutters are custom made to order, and in such cases, the sizes may differ. In some others, the hook on the front of the gutter is closed shut because of the way it needs to be fabricated. In such instances, the front portion of the hanger may need to be installed via a rivet on the top of the front bead of the gutter.

What's the advantage of using a hanger without screw?

It allows for you to use your preferred method of fastening.

Are hangers with screw faster to install?

Much faster and the most popular choice.

K&M Gutter Supply has the best choices for purchasing gutters and accessories with shipping available to all US States. We also offer local pickups for customers in the Raleigh Durham Area in North Carolina as well as discount for bulk orders / Contractors.

Custom hangers, colors and materials along with downspouts, elbows, gutters, outlets, end caps, downspout cleanouts are also available upon request.

Color Options for painted Gutter Hangers to match 0.027″ Aluminum Material
Black 0.027


Dark bronze 0.027

Dark bronze

Musket Brown 0.027

Musket Brown

Royal brown 0.027

Royal brown

Almond 0.027


Linen 0.027


30° white 0.027

Low Gloss (30°) White

80° white 0.027

High Gloss (80°) White

The most popular gutter hanger colors to match 0.027″ aluminum are Dark Bronze and High Gloss White
Click here for a full list of 0.027″ aluminum colors

Color Options for painted Gutter Hangers to match Kynar Material
Black kynar aluminum and galvanized steel

Matte black

Dark bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Dark bronze

Medium bronze aluminum and galvanized steel

Medium bronze

Almond aluminum and galvanized steel


Stone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Stone white

Bone white aluminum and galvanized steel

Bone white

The most popular gutter hanger colors to match Kynar Material are Bone White and Dark Bronze
Click here for a full list of Kynar metal colors

Other Material Options for Gutter Hangers




Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel

Lead coated copper

Lead coated copper

Mill finish aluminum

Mill finish aluminum

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Copper is the most metal for gutter hangers other than mill finish aluminum. It is offered in 16 oz and 20 oz.
Custom copper bar, aluminum bar and stainless steel bar hangers may be are available upon request.

Other colors, materials and thickness may be available upon request.
Please click here for a full selection of colors and materials offered.